Dayan Megaminx cube corner ridges or traditional

  • item no.:DY0403
  • net weight:147g
  • size lwh:72 * 72 * 72mm
    box:86 * 86 * 76mm
  • price:$ 13.91
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Black White Colours (Ridges) Black (Ridges) White (Ridges)
Product Name: Dayan Megaminx I
Sort: Traditional shape And Corner ridges
Colo: Black And White And 12 Colors mix
Net Weight: 150g
Height: 72mm
Side Length: 32mm
Packing Box Size: 86mm x 86mm x 76mm
Product Description:  
Comes in assembled,stickered and well-lubricated and in a green paper window-box.

The ridges on the corners are an innovative and great design which can better solve the problem of fingers slipping off faces on turns.

So it's a speed-cubing Megaminx! 

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